Steward and Integrity

BMAC4053B&WHarness Racing SA stewards ensure that harness racing is conducted fairly, openly and transparently according to national and local rules of racing, as well as the regulations and policies of HRSA.

 The stewards have a regulatory role in ensuring the integrity and reputation of harness racing is maintained and enhanced.  They do this through the development, implementation and enforcement of local and national rules, regulations and policies concerned with racing and trialling.

Stewards have wide-ranging powers under the Rules of Racing.  They  investigate breaches of the rules and hand down penalties where necessary.  Integrity is critical to ensure the support and confidence of the wagering public and participants.  As harness racing is dependent on public wagering, stewards are pro-active in ensuring it is conducted on a level playing field and the outcome of racing and trialling is through fair means.

Stewards have a stringent drug testing regime for both horses and participants and there are serious consequences for positive drug test results.








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