Harness Racing SA Ltd is supporting race winning mares in SA through the South Australian Mare Owner’s Scheme (SAMOS).

This initiative is to support SA broodmare owners and to help increase the number of standardbred foals being bred.

It is also designed to encourage more mares to race in South Australia.

HRSA assists owners to race mares by providing bonuses of up to $2,000 ( 4 x $500) in the form of certificates that can be used to pay for stallion services.


  1. SAMOS Certificates

– Eligible broodmares will receive a $500 SAMOS certificate on winning a TAB covered race in South Australia, subject to the following:

– An eligible broodmare can win a maximum of four (4) SAMOS Certificates ($2,000) during her lifetime of racing. This can be made up of two (2) certificates in her first 12 months of racing, followed by (1) additional certificate in separate 12 month periods.

– The Certificates will be sent to the current Owner of the mare. If the mare is sold, the Certificate (s) must follow the mare and cannot be transferred to another mare.

-Certificates can only be issued and redeemed to mares that are 100% South Australian owned. (A resident is defined as a person whose name appears on the South Australian Electoral Role. A person may be required to provide proof of eligibility).

– A certificate is valued at $500

  1. Studs

– The eligible mare can be booked at any Stud or Stallion Management Company. The number of certificates to be used should also be advised.

– Only two (2) certificates can be used in any one (1) breeding season

– Bookings and payment of the stud fee is the responsibility of the broodmare owner.


  1. Payments

-The certificate has no value– they are simply a record of eligibility

– When the live foal is registered with the relevant controlling body, HRSA will make a payment of $500 to the owner of the mare., with the lodgement of the associated form.

– The payment will appear in the owners account at the next available Stake run.


4. Other Conditions

– Should the mare die or be diagnosed as barren, the SAMOS Certificates are void. The owner should advise HRSA if this occurs. Certificates are not transferable to another mare.

– SAMOS Certificates will expire 10 years after date of issue.

– HRSA reserves the right to make any alteration or amendment to these conditions that it deems necessary for the proper conduct of the SAMOS Scheme. The decision of HRSA will be final in respect of any dispute or matter relating to these conditions.


  1. Replacement certificates

A copy of a lost certificate will attract a fee of $5.00 and will be billed to the current/ previous owner whichever is applicable.




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