SA Horse of the Year Criteria



To be eligible a horse must meet the following criteria:

  • Be SA owned (minimum 75% SA ownership) and raced on at least five (5) occasions at race meetings conducted in South Australia during the 2016-17 season for 3yo & older horses or three (3) occasions for 2yo horses.


  • Be SA trained (minimum of 33% of Australian starts in the 2016-17 season for a trainer licensed with HRSA)

(If a horse is only eligible under the SA Trained clause, only performances whilst under the care of an SA Trainer will be considered)



  • Two-Year-Old Pacing Filly
  • Two-Year Old Pacing Colt or Gelding
  • Three-Year-Old Pacing Filly
  • Three-Year-Old Pacing Colt or Gelding
  • Pacing Mare (4YO and older)
  • Pacing Entire or Gelding (4YO & Older)
  • Trotting Mare (4YO and Older)
  • Trotting Entire or Gelding (4YO & Older)
  • Two-Year-Old Trotter
  • Three-Year-Old Trotter
  • Horse of the Year



A panel of Judges will be appointed by HRSA Ltd. The Judging Panel will meet to discuss the merits of horses to be listed for consideration in each category.

A list of finalists in each category will then be determined and announced.

Judges will then cast their votes for horses in each category.

HRSA will tally votes for each category from each panel member to determine a winner. Horse Of The Year can only be won by a horse which was the winner of a category.

Should there be a tie in any category, joint winners are to be declared.



HRSA has set the following criteria for the selection of the South Australian Broodmare Mare of the Year Awards:

  • The broodmare must be SA owned (minimum 75% SA ownership)

When selecting the Broodmare of the year, consideration will be given to progeny that have in the relevant season:

  • Won Group or listed winners
  • Won SA Feature races
  • Won multiple races or has multiple progeny winners

Nominations are to be called for and the Judging Panel then to vote on the nominations received.



Other awards to be presented based on season statistics:

Leading State Horse

Leading Claiming Horse

Leading State Driver

Leading Young Driver

Leading Concession Driver

Leading State Trainer

These awards are determined by most wins. Should there be a tie, then most seconds are used and then most thirds. Should it be a tie on all three placing’s, joint winners to be declared.


Special Awards presented on the day include:

SA Young/Concession Drivers Series Winner

Chairman’s Award

Nevada Smoke Award

Jim Hurley Medal



Any horse which returns a positive swab during the season will not be eligible for any of the horse award categories.

Any trainer or driver that has either failed a drug test or a horse under their care return a positive swab, or was disqualified for a serious offence during the season will not be eligible for any of the trainer or driver award categories.

*The decision of Harness Racing SA Ltd will be final in respect of any dispute or matter relating to these conditions



2016-17 SEASON


The Jim Hurley Medal recognises a trainer or driver who has performed consistently at a high level throughout the racing season. It also honours a past great of the sport, Jim Hurley.

Voting is conducted on all South Australian harness racing TAB meetings.
A panel consisting of 3 members are selected by HRSA to allocate votes at each TAB meeting held in South Australia.
Each panel member allocates points based on what they consider to be the three best training or driving performances at each meeting (not necessarily winning performances). 3 points is allocated to what is considered by each panel member to be the best performance at the meeting, 2 points for the second best and 1 point for the third best performance of the meeting in their opinion.
If a panel member has allocated a trainer or driver 3 points or 2 points for a meeting they are not permitted to be considered for any further allocation of points at that meeting (except in the case of a training partnership).
The points allocated by each of the three panel members is added up and the trainer or driver who accrued the most points at that meeting will be awarded 3 votes towards the Jim Hurley Medal. The trainer or driver who accrued the second most points at the meeting will be awarded 2 votes and the trainer or driver who accrued the third most points at the meeting will be awarded 1 vote.
Should two or more trainers or drivers be awarded the same number of points at a meeting from the three member panel, the trainer or driver with the most 3 points from the panel will be awarded the higher number of votes towards their Jim Hurley Medal tally. If they have received the same number of 3 points from the panel it will revert to the most 2 points allocated by the panel. If this is also equal an independent person appointed by HRSA will cast a deciding vote.
HRSA will compile the votes and provide regular updates to the industry.
The winner of the Jim Hurley Medal will be announced at the annual South Australian Horse of the Year function.
In the event of a tie, joint winners will be declared.

Any licensed trainer or driver is eligible to receive votes.
Any person who holds both a trainers and drivers licence and receives votes during the season for either discipline will have votes allocated from both disciplines combined for their total vote tally (except in the case of a training partnership).
Any trainer who trains a horse which returns a positive swab or is disqualified during the season will not be eligible to win the award.
Any driver who fails a drug test or is disqualified during the season will not be eligible to win the award.

HRSA reserves the right to make any alteration or amendment to these conditions that it deems necessary for the proper conduct of the Jim Hurley Medal. The decision of HRSA will be final in respect to any dispute or matter relating to these conditions.



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