Concession Drivers 2018/19

Concession Drivers In South Australia

Following is the current list of drivers able to claim a Concession in South Australia and the current conditions for Concession Drivers and information on races where a claim can be used.
We will update this list on a regular basis to assist trainers in considering using a concession claiming driver.
SA Concession Drivers as at:  05-03-2019
Driver Contact Details Wins This Season Career Wins
Brodie Webster 0400 729 160 7 52
Michael Harding 0427 790 028 0 42
Jayden Brewin 0435 271 117 5 154
Kaela Hryhorec 0414 065 705 17 77
Matt Bailey 0498 183 866 0 1
Kailey Piper 0467 907 806 0 0
Samantha Pascoe 0459 482 915 6 6
Ashley Cluse 0419 821 431 0 0
Tiana McMahon 0447 118 273 2 21
Brett Lowe 0450 502 627 4 10
SA Concession Drivers Conditions:

Following a review of the South Australian Concession/Young Driver series the HRSA Board has agreed to recommendations to amend those races in which the Concession/Young drivers can compete

The effect of the changes being that any horse driven by a Concession/Young driver, who has not driven 50 career winners and who, during the current racing season, has not driven in excess of five winners as at the close of driver  declarations, will not be penalised (subject to the exclusions prescribed in the rule) should that horse win.

The intent of the rule being to assist those young drivers, who are embarking on their driving careers, to gain greater experience and  opportunity.                  

The new Local Rule takes effect as of Friday 1st June 2018 reads as follows;

15 (1) In every Race which is not:

(a) a Race for two and three-year old’s;

(b)  a Group or Listed Race

(b) a Race with a purse greater than $7,000.00 or less     than  $2001.00

(d) a Race restricted to invited drivers; or

(e) a Race in which the Board determines allowances  may  not be claimed;

a horse, which is not prevented by any of these Rules from competing in that Race, and which is driven by a  Concession Driver, who has driven not more than 50  career winners, and who has not driven more than 4 winners during the current  racing  season, shall not be   liable to any penalty should it be placed first.

(2)   Notwithstanding Rule 15 (1) a driver may claim, during the currency of a race meeting, the same allowance to which he was entitled when the declaration of drivers for that race   meeting officially closed.

(3)   No horse may claim any relief provided in Rule 15 (1) more than once in their lifetime.


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