2018 Botra Golden Nursery Nomination Form Revised Draft_LG 2018 BOTRA GOLDEN NURSERY PACE CONDITIONS REVISED DRAFT_LGBOTRA image_smallerOn this page you will find industry forms associated with the SA Breeders Owners Trainers & Reinspersons Association.  For more information about the SA BOTRA, please refer to their contact details below.

Memberships for 2017/18 are now open!

2017 18 membership form to download the membership form.  To  be eligible for the new SA BOTRA bonus’s membership needs to be paid by the 1st September 2017

Spider Fund Claim Form

click here to download the Spider Fund claim form.

Services secured for Winners

SA BOTRA are very pleased to announce they have secured 2 services to Hurricane KingCole, kindly donated by Kevin and Kay Seymour, to be used on our 2 x $8,000 races on October 27 at Globe Derby Park.  These races will be a C1 – C3 Mares race and a C1-C3 Colts and Geldings race with a $250 bonus for any winning owner using a concession driver.

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BOTRA Golden Nursery Form

SA BOTRA Contact Details

President  Mr David Jolly   phone 0408340815

Vice President  Mrs Lois Randall  (Advertising and Sponsorship) phone 0402978424   email:

Treasurer Ms Megan Gee   email:

Membership Ray Lemon 0428777108 email:

Magazine editor Gary Newton 0417026907




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